Rev. Tony Puckett serves as Pastor of Valley Apostolic.  

For many years, Rev. Puckett served as Music Director, Sunday School Director, and Youth Pastor of Apostolic Lighthouse in Williston, ND.  In September of 2013, Rev. Puckett was elected pastor of Valley Apostolic.  Rev. Puckett has served the North Dakota District UPCI as both Youth Secretary and Youth President and as the North American Missions Secretary, and currently serves as the North American Missions Director.  

Mrs. Amber Puckett serves along side her husband.  She has served as the District Ladies Ministries Secretary, and on the ND Children's Ministry Committee.  She directs the Sunday School Department at Valley Apostolic, and works closely with the Ladies Ministry of the church.

Together with their children, James and Stephani, Peyton, and KaiAna, the Puckett family is excited about the future of Valley Apostolic!

Rev. Anthony Lam serves as Assistant Pastor of Valley Apostolic with his wife Mrs. Kimmy Lam.

Rev. Lam has been involved with Valley Apostolic since his teen years.  He is involved in the music ministry of the church, serves as an adult Sunday School teachers, and is always willing to serve in any other area that may require his attention.  He also serves as the North American Missions Secretary for the North Dakota District.  His wife leads the Audio/Visual Team.  Together they helped form Ignite Youth Ministries, serving as the first youth leaders of Valley Apostolic and serving on the North Dakota UPCI Youth Committee.  They faithfully served our young people for 7 1/2 years.

Along with their children, Ramona, Brielle, and Amalie, the Lam family is passionate about revival in Valley City and the surrounding area!